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Dermaceutic Light Ceutic


Skin Toning Night Cream Stimulates skin radiance and evens out the complexion. Light Ceutic is recommended for dull skin and irregular complexion.

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Dermaceutic Light Ceutic


The combination of glycolic acid, phytic acid and vitamin C gently exfoliates the skin and regulates the production of melanin, which causes pigment spots.

  • Glycolic acid : Reduces corneocyte cohesion of the keratin layer of the skin, which enables homogeneous exfoliation.
  • Phytic acid : Lightening and antioxidant agent. When associated with glycolic acid, phytic acid helps reduce the epidermal pigmentation process by blocking iron and copper ions involved in the formation of melanin.
  • Vitamin C: Considerably improves the skin’s resistance to attacks from free radicals. The vitamin C used in this formulation is stable, and will not oxidize.

How to Use

Apply to the face in the evening.


The complexion is harmonized and the skin’s radiance is restored.

Clinical Studies

  • 85% of patients trust the product’s efficacy and performance and believe that it is a technical product.
  • In vivo study for the evaluation of Dermaceutic professional peels and homecare products on 63 Caucasian, Asian and dark skin women.
  • European independent clinical research organisation. July 2013.

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