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Bespoke LED Facial (Buy 3 at the price of 2)


Was $387, Now $258

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LED Therapy is a multi-panel, full face therapy used for rejuvenation purposes to get you’re your skin looking its best with pain-free, visible results and no downtime. Using LED lights, skin cells are able to multiply 200% faster than what they do naturally, this helps to rapidly produce collagen, reduce redness, improve pigmentation, sun damage, age spots and decrease acne scars. By increasing the production of healthy skin cells, your skin will look brighter, clear and have a firmer complexion with reduced wrinkles and fine lines. A typical course consists of six to nine treatments will a maintenance treatment every four weeks.
*30min consultation with the utilisation of our Observ520 Analyser is included in the price and duration of this treatment.


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