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21 Days Expert Care Kit – Advanced Recovery


Foamer 15 (30ml)
C25 Cream (12ml)
Turn Over (15ml)
K Ceutic (12ml)

The Dermaceutic Advanced Recovery Kit contains key products that will advance treatment results and ensure optimum skin recovery following a professional treatment such as a chemical peel.


The kit consists of products that are formulated to: stimulate collagen synthesis, slough off dead skin and allow for skin recovery and less down time whilst being protected against UV damage.

The 21 Day Expert Care Kit can also be used by professionals to prepare patients’ skin for advanced treatments:

Foamer 15 will allow for 15 days of preparation with 15% Glycolic Acid. This product will slough off any dead skin on the surface of the skin whilst also acting as an introduction to an active ingredient – Glycolic Acid – ensuring that the skin’s cellular rate is stimulated whilst desensitizing the skin.

This product can be used post-treatment to aid in the removal of dead skin that most treatments stimulate.

Foamer 15 also contains a calming and soothing ingredient known as Enoxolone which has a similar action as a hydrocortisone of the skin. Many professionals will know that hydrocortisone is contra-indicated pre-treatment as it can cause thinning of the skin making treatments risky and is therefore avoided. However, enoxolone is advised both to calm the skin pre- and post- treatment making the skin more likely to recover without any redness – taking the risk away from advanced treatments such as Cosmo Peel, Mela Forte or Cosmo Forte.

A key product necessary for best results following a treatment is Dermaceutic C25 Cream. With Vitamin C complex, polyphenols and Vitamin A; C25 Cream brings about a multitude of skin responses which are necessary for optimum recovery and advances treatment results.
As discussed in the article on ‘How to Stimulate Collagen & Elastin production’, we know that Vitamin C is vital for collagen synthesis which is often stimulated during several professional treatments.

Saturating the skin with antioxidants both pre- and post- treatment will reduce the likelihood of negative skin responses such as PIH (post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) or sensitivity.
Vitamin C protects the melanocyte and will control the inflammatory response within the skin, both during treatment and during the healing period.

Turn Over – like Foamer 15 – also contains 15% Glycolic Acid. Used pre-treatment to allow for the stimulation of the cell cycle, it will too aid in the recovery of the skin post-treatment as there will be less dead skin to slough off.
Turn Over also advances the action of any treatment as it removes any dead skin allowing for an even penetration of Chemical Peels. Used nightly, the Glycolic Acid will also stimulate the fibroblasts, making the skins’ foundation primed for healing.

In terms of recovery, this product can be used to advance a treatment by adding extra stimulation and removing the dead skin that a treatment may bring about resulting in less peeling / down time.
Turn Over is not recommended to be used immediately post-procedure and should only be re-incorporated after there is significant skin healing.

The most important product found in this kit – for skin recovery – is K Ceutic. This cream soothes the skin with it’s K Complex and the glycoproteins allow the skin to recover faster whist being protected and nourished with Vitamin E and C.
K Ceutic provides a thick comforting barrier which aids in the skin sloughing process while ensuring that the new skin does not lose any moisture.

The K Complex is great at soothing any redness – so it can be used after any aesthetic treatment and professionals can be certain that there is little risk of PIH if patients use this product throughout their recovery time.

To ensure maximum protection, Dermacutic has ensured to include a 50 SPF in K Ceutic. This is paramount to any recovery success as UV exposure onto new un-keratinized skin can be detrimental to the skin and result in pigmentation and sun damage.


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