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Mum – The Light and Queen of the household

By: Chelle Enriquez

Mum – The Light and Queen of the household

One more day till Mother’s Day!

Tomorrow, we will celebrate Mother’s Day differently. The past month has been incredibly different for all of us, but let’s focus on our mum’s journey during this novel coronavirus outbreak for a moment.

While some have been stay-at-home mums for a while, others have started working from home; While there are mothers who have been able to home-school their children, there are working ones who have needed to send their children to school due to being essential workers; While there are mums who have been able to stay at home with their families, there are mums who have needed to isolate themselves into quarantine; While there are those who have managed to keep their jobs afloat, there are ones who unfortunately have been stood down or let go; Every story is important and every story is worth reflecting on.

It has been a very challenging time for a very challenging role. Mothers not only needed to stay strong for themselves but as the light of the family, they also needed to stay strong for their loved ones. This year may be different from the past few years, but their love for their families have always been the same. Circumstances might have changed but not the bond between mothers and their children.

Yes, this year will be an unusual kind of Mother’s Day. Let’s move those restaurant reservations to a full-on dining experience in our own homes. There is also that breakfast in bed custom that we can also pull off. Bakeries, cafes, and florists are still offering takeaway items for us to make this possible. Retailers are offering online products for gift suggestions. But wait, it’s already tomorrow – have you already planned something? For those who have been living in a non-calendar world and have not been aware of what day it is, CE Skin Aesthetics is offering E-Gift cards for Mother’s Day. Team CE will always be here to help you honour your loving mums! Our gift cards have a 3-year expiry and your mums can use them to purchase their favourite skincare product or to go towards a pampering skin health treatment experience when the pandemic is over.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been testing us as individuals. We call it a novel coronavirus for a reason because it’s all new for us. Although this year’s Mother’s Day will also be new for us, let’s all try to keep the tradition alive – celebrating the queen of the household. However you decide to celebrate, please make sure that you still do the usual outbreak precautions. Yes, your mum deserves the crown, but not the crown-like virus! So stay vigilant, follow the recommended practices, wash your hands, and stay home. Happy Mother’s Day!

Be amazing,

Chelle Enriquez

Director, CE Skin Aesthetics

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