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Liquid Gold Treatments

Liquid Gold Injections: Eye Area


Liquid Gold Treatment for the EYE AREA includes both the EYELIDS and the UNDEREYE area. Liquid Gold is the component of your blood that is rich in ingredients to boost the repair of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles which then reverses the signs of ageing. Our health practitioner will acquire the liquid gold by taking a vial of your own blood, then putting into a centrifuge machine to separate the liquid gold from the rest of your blood cells. This separated component will then be hand-injected to upper and undereye ares as part of the treatment. The price includes the application of numbing cream *30min skin consultation is included in the price and duration of this treatment.

Liquid Gold Injections: Hair Thinning


Liquid gold treatment hair thinning treatment that encourages hair growth by stimulating a natural wound healing response.

Your own growth factors, which are unique proteins that stimulate healing will be used during this therapy. When this preparation is injected just under the skin, it stimulates new cell growth, and over some time, results in a stronger hair support structure. The liquid gold is delivered via SkinPen and also hand injected by our health practitioners.

*30min Consultation is included in the price and duration of this treatment.

Liquid Gold Treatment Package


$999 Limited Time Only Package (total value $1584)

-Liquid gold treatment consultation
-3x Liquid gold treatment sessions (under-eye area or scalp for hair loss)
-3x Bespoke LED Facial in between treatment intervals