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Dear CE Skin Enthusiast, CE Skin Aesthetics has been closely monitoring the ongoing situation concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As a Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we would like to reassure you that everyone’s health and safety is our top priority.

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About Ce Skin Aesthetics

You deserve CE Skin Aesthetics, the first Medical Aesthetic Clinic to join the Sustainable Salons Community. We are one of the leading medical aesthetic clinic in Sydney and our goal is to provide you with non-invasive treatments that deliver results in a relaxed and professional environment. We strive to help people nurture and care for their skin in unique ways ranging from skin care to skin treatment.

Whether you’re looking for skin health, collagen induction therapies or facial exfoliation and peels we’ve got you covered. We offer only the latest and most advanced aesthetic products and treatments available, to help you feel and look your best. You can trust us to provide exceptional results.

We strongly uphold our values of progressive, not aggressive results driven approach to skin rejuvenation. While an ‘aggressive’, quick-fix approach might be desirable to achieve immediate results, we liken this kind of treatment to a crash-diet or trying to run a marathon without any preparation – the results could be detrimental to your health. With a progressive treatment plan, we can help you keep your end goal in sight, to help restore, rejuvenate and nourish your skin at an optimal rate.

Chelle Enriquez

Our mission at CE Skin Aesthetics is to make people feel and look good about themselves as we offer leading edge, credible, medically proven and researched cosmetic treatments in a professional, ethical and service-oriented environment, where our top priority is always the best interests of our patients.

Everyone deserves to age gracefully and this is what drives us at CE Skin Aesthetics. Our vision is not to sell yet another skincare product but to provide a range of healthy and effective skin treatment to those that choose to discover their inner beauty and age gracefully. And for years, that has been our commitment.

CE Skin Aesthetics is well-known as a leading authority in aesthetic and cosmetic services. All our procedures and services are provided in a professional, ethical, and service-oriented environment, and we also pride ourselves in offering the best treatment across the board.

OUR practitioners are certified and experienced in both the beauty and health industries. All medical procedures are performed by AHPRA-registered professionals only. You can always trust Team CE to give you the best tailor-made treatment that will best match your skin. Our director, Chelle Enriquez is the ADNA (Australian Dermatology Nurses’ Association) NSW State Representative and the NSW Lead Educator for DermaplanePro Australia. We are are also affiliated with APAN – Aesthetics Practitioner Advisory Network.

We pride ourselves in being a sustainable salon. At CE Skin Aesthetics, we believe that keeping your skin beautiful and skin care shouldn’t cost the earth.

Our salons, services and staff share an ethos of sustainability and all our products and practices are not only healthy for your skin, but also do not harm our beautiful planet.

As seen on Beauty Biz, Chelle Enriquez, lead educator for NSW for DermaplenPro was interviewed after the Beauty Expo and 2019 ABIA awards. Which director is the ADNA NSW State Representative.

CE Skin Aesthetics focuses on three things: Products, Services, and Training. The CE Skin Aesthetics Shop has a range of cosmeceutical and doctor-only skincare products from Australia, Europe, and USA. Proven and tested to be clinically safe and effective, and comply with our clinic’s sustainability standards. CE Skin Aesthetics likewise provides a variety of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments customised for the specific needs of your skin. Our practitioners have special training in skin health and to bring you an appropriate treatment that will help rejuvenate your skin. The CE Academic Centre is home of DermaplanePro International Academy in the heart of Sydney CBD. We are the only Sydney CBD campus that offers ITEC: International Therapy Examination Council qualifications. With international qualifications, your credibility in the industry becomes stronger and the opportunities are much wider for working when traveling or living overseas.

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Dermaplane Pro International Academy
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